State-of-the-Art Dental Technology

Chesterfield Dentist serving the St. Louis, Missouri Area

Neuromuscular diagnostics inform our practice at Innovative Dental of St. Louis, where Dr. Charles Janes and his staff capitalize on the latest in medically-informed dental care and tools in order to offer our patients the best cosmetic, restorative and general dentistry care available.

That also means maintaining a calm, comfortable office setting where patients can feel at-ease.

When you need a St. Louis-area cosmetic or restorative dentist, feel free to contact the Missouri offices of Dr. Janes online or by telephone at 636-778-3355 to book an appointment.

Premium Dental Tech Training

Dr. Janes is a graduate and fellow of the esteemed Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). He maintains a well-appointed, state-of-the-art practice where technology is maximized to enhance his treatment of your teeth, gums, jaw and craniofacial muscles.

Neuromuscular dental diagnostics also present unsurpassed pain- and drug-free treatment opportunities.

Some of the dental technology in the office that allows Dr. Janes to deliver this high-level cosmetic and general dentistry care includes:

  • The K-7 Evaluation System — This tool tracks jaw and muscle movement to pinpoint the exact cause and location of temporomandibular joint dysfunctions (TMJ/TMD). The system provides Dr. Janes with three different approaches to measuring and evaluating mandibular health.
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) — Also referred to as a "TENS machine," this tool relaxes jaw and face muscles to provide relief from the craniofacial discomfort and pain caused by TMD.
  • LVI orthotics – We provide patients with only the best removable and fixed oral appliances to correct bite and jaw function problems that, when left untreated, can spawn even greater total-body health and wellness problems.
  • Soft tissue laser – Lasers have revolutionized in-office dental care. Dr. Janes uses this non-invasive tool to painlessly remove excess gum tissue.
  • MicrO2 Sleep Apnea Appliance – This appliance is made just for patients who suffer from from the potentially-dangerous sleep apnea disorder. It's designed to clear the airway and promote healthy, recuperative sleep.
  • Tekscan -Tscan occlusal analyzer
  • Myotronics K-7 and J-5 TENS Unit
  • New You Dentures™
  • Digi Doc Intraoral camera
  • Williams Dental Lab
  • Schick Digital Xrays
  • NewTom VGi Dental CT (3D cone beam)
  • Aurum Lab

As an LVI fellow, Dr. Janes remains current on these progressive dental tools and treatments as well as any forthcoming dental technology.

When you need a St. Louis cosmetic dentist who capitalizes on the latest dental tools and technology to provide patients with optimal care, feel free to contact the Missouri offices of Dr. Janes online or by telephone at 636-778-3355 to book a consultation.