General Dentistry

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At Innovative Dental of St. Louis, Dr. Charles Janes understands that everyone wants to look and feel their best throughout their lives, and that a healthy, functional, beautiful smile is paramount to that goal.

When you need general dentistry services administered by an experienced, well-informed professional with advanced smile-care training, please contact our St. Louis, Missouri dentistry practice online or call 636-778-3355 to book an appointment with Dr. Janes.

The Importance of Oral Health

Great dental health goes a long way toward promoting an overall better quality of life throughout your life. Unfortunately, too many Americans continue to ignore this pivotal part of their current and long-term health care, which is clear from these Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics:

  • Close to 20 percent of American kids ages 5-19 live with untreated dental problems.
  • More than a quarter of Americans ages 20-44 live with untreated dental health problems.

One of the biggest concerns with these numbers is that untreated dental issues almost always lead to painful and uncomfortable cracked, loose and missing adult teeth.

The Dr. Janes Difference

No two people are the same. It follows that no two mouths are the same. The cleaning and regular dental maintenance required for each individual is unique.

Many patients who see Dr. Janes for general dentistry care have been coming to him for years. Why? Because in addition to training in the latest dental tools and techniques, our dentist at Innovative Dental of St. Louis makes sure that both the functionality and the aesthetics of your teeth, mouth and jaw are the best they can be.

And when your teeth and gums look, work and feel great, your emotional and physical health also improve.

Dr. Janes is a comprehensive neuromuscular dentist whose work takes into consideration your distinct periodontal health along with any cosmetic or neuromuscular issues.

One more reason to visit Innovative Dental of St. Louis: Dr. Janes is adept at calmly explaining what are sometimes complicated dental health issues, and doing a thorough job of laying out your treatment choices.

Your First Step to a Lasting Smile

Before undergoing any type of cosmetic or restorative dentistry treatment, Dr. Janes will make sure that your teeth and gums are clean and bacteria-free, which is an essential first step to establishing an advanced dentistry care plan.

Thanks to his training from the Las Vegas Institute, that plan will be as minimally-invasive as possible.

When you need general dentistry services administered by dental professionals with advanced smile-care training, please contact the Missouri offices of Innovative Dental of St. Louis online or by telephone at 636-778-3355.