Instant Orthodontics

Chesterfield Dentist serving the St. Louis, Missouri Area

You can say goodbye to the era when fixing a damaged or crooked smile requires years of wearing metal braces. Today, advanced dental diagnostics and materials enable dentists like Dr. Charles Janes at Innovative Dental of St. Louis to use porcelain veneers and dental crowns to remedy bad smiles in day or weeks instead of months or years.

When you’re ready to find out more about how Instant Orthodontics can help correct your smile – a change that goes a long way toward improving your overall health and well-being – please contact Innovative Dental of St. Louis online or by telephone at 636-778-3355 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Janes.

Instant Orthodontics: Is It Right for You?

This treatment, which can often be completed in about two visits, may be what you need if you:

  • Have teeth gaps or crowding
  • Need to shield your damaged smile
  • Have concerns about metal braces or traditional retainers

Not only are these treatments fast and effective, our porcelain crowns and veneers last longer and work better than less-contemporary cosmetic dentistry options.

How Does Instant Orthodontics Work?

During your first consultation with Dr. Janes, the dentist will survey your teeth, gum and jaw health and discuss your treatment options. This appointment is an ideal time for your to bring all of your questions about any concerns about cosmetic dentistry treatment to the attention of your dentist. This is also a conversation where you should be frank about your expectations of this process.

During your next visit, Dr. Janes will prepare your teeth for the orthodontic appliance and make a mold of your teeth for our dental laboratory to use during manufacturing. Custom porcelain veneers and crowns generally take about two weeks to make.

Once your orthodontics are ready, Dr. Janes can install them in a single visit.       

When you need a Missouri dentist who uses advanced dental tools and technology to create your Instant Orthodontics treatment, please contact Innovative Dental of St. Louis online or by telephone at 636-778-3355 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Janes.