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Our orthodontics practice is extensive at Innovative Dental of St. Louis. Whether you need to correct minor tooth movement or you’re a parent who may be researching orthodontic appliances to help correct your child’s arch and airway development, you owe it to yourself to explore the advanced technological options used by Missouri dentist Dr. Charles Janes at Innovative Dental of St. Louis.

You can reach our St. Louis cosmetic and restorative dentistry practice online or by telephone at 636-778-3355.

Customized For Your Health and Smile

One common misconception about today’s orthodontic options is that these corrections still require years to complete. But that’s no longer the case. Thanks for Dr. Janes’ LVI-informed tools and training, he can often correct orthodontic issues in months, not years.

Advanced dental technology has paved the way for more and better orthodontic treatments for both adults and children including Invisalign® clear braces and Invisalign Teen. You may be a candidate for orthodontics if you:

  • Want to correct or improve your smile
  • Suffer from TMJ/TMD or other neuromuscular pain
  • Suffer from sleep apnea

Orthodontics and Your Child

With the increased incidence of children suffering from asthma and allergies, improper airway development is a growing concern, and one that can be exacerbated by such seemingly harmless and commonplace childhood incidents as runny noses or periorbital hematomas, otherwise known as black eyes/”shiners.”

Without proper orthopedician airway development, a child’s tongue doesn't rest in the proper position and the arches become narrower. The most common symptom of this problem is acute childhood sleep disorders.

A custom orthodontic appliance fitted by a dentist with advanced training in modern dental technology and neuromuscular function may provide much-needed relief because it repositions a child head, neck and tongue to allow for proper breathing and airway development.

When you or your loved one needs a Missouri dentist who works with the best orthodontic tools and technology, please contact Innovative Dental of St. Louis online or call our practice directly at 636-778-3355 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Janes.